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Acclaim for "My Autism Book: A Child’s Guide to their Autistic Spectrum Diagnosis"

My Autism Book

"A Fantastic Book"

“A fantastic book. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this with my son… a unique way to teach children about their own diagnosis, in simple text… highly recommend it.”

Amazon Review

“Absolutely Brilliant”

“Absolutely brilliant. My 5-year-old just got diagnosed with ASD and this book has been perfect in helping him to understand himself…. It's given us and him the language and opportunity to talk about it.”

Amazon Review

“The Best Book for Children”

“The best book for children on the spectrum.”

Amazon Review

“Comfort and Understanding”

“My daughter was very worried…but with this book, she has found comfort and… understanding.”

Amazon Review

“Extremely Useful”

“This makes a change - the autistic child gets to fill bits in about their own, individual autism, as well as finding out about the condition in general. This has the *extremely* useful potential for handing to ‘stupid grown-ups’ so that the ‘stupid grown-ups’ can be a bit less stupid... I also liked the instructions for parents that this book should be filled in when a) there are few to no distractions, and b) when the child is receptive to the task. Finally! Someone understands the twin needs. It’s also good that we don’t get the ‘triad of impairments’: this is just so symptomatic of neurotypicals objecting that we’re not like them. This book concentrates far more on *what is important to the autistic*: sensory stuff, routines and special interests; a ‘triad of needs’ if you will.”

Amazon Review

“A Valuable Guide”

“A valuable guide, long missing in the autism-related bibliography.”

F Tsepelidou – Supervisor, EEMEISS Specialist School for Children on the Autistic Spectrum, Athens

“I Wish This Had Been Available Previously”

“I have spent my entire career in inclusive learning environments and wish this had been available previously.”

M Burfield – Head of School, Byron College, Athens

“Order this Book and Put It to Good Use”

“I would urge all primary and secondary schools to order a copy of this book and put it immediately to good use.”

A Redfern, The School Librarian

Acclaim for "Me and my PDA: A Guide to Pathological Demand Avoidance for Young People"

Me and My PDA

"I sincerely wish that this book had been available when myself and my daughter first began navigating this most complex of journeys"

A golden nugget for the PDA library. Insightful, helpful, encouraging, hopeful and compassionate from beginning to end! Realising that your child may have, or has recently been diagnosed with, ASD with a profile of PDA can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for many parents. But, help is now at hand in the form of this refreshing and unique addition to the current range of PDA literature. I sincerely wish that this book had been available when myself and my daughter first began navigating this most complex of journeys and I can't recommend it highly enough to those who are now beginning, or struggling in theirs. Jane Sherwin, author of 'Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome: My Daughter is not Naughty'

Jane Sherwin, author of "Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome: My Daughter is not Naughty"

"Support your child to gain insight in a non-judgmental way"

I think that one of the best ways to help your PDA child is to support them to gain insight in a non-judgmental and open way. Helping them communicate this to you helps them feel understood and then empowers you as their advocate. It also helps you as the parent see all those truly wonderful positives about your PDA child. This book provides a wonderful framework for doing that. Cassandra Davies, parent of a young person with PDA and member of PDA Action Group Somerset and PDA, Pathological Demand Avoidance Support – Families & Practitioners UK

Cassandra Davies, parent of a young person with PDA and member of PDA Action Group

"I cannot recommend it highly enough"

It is a sensitive book based on an excellent understanding of PDA, which is probably the hardest form of Autism, and so exhausting for the children, young people and families that it affects. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Sarah Wild, Headteacher of Limpsfield Grange

"This book puts the young person with PDA in the driving seat"

This book is a very valuable addition to the PDA library. Part self-help guide, part gentle workbook, it's presented in a really positive, accessible style which most importantly puts the young person with PDA in the driving seat.

The PDA Society

"Invaluable resource to anyone looking to support a child in developing his or her self-awareness"

This publication provides a starting point for a conversation with the child about their form of autism and how it is part of their unique personality and profile. The accessible and informative style will provide an invaluable resource to anyone looking to support a child in developing his or her self-awareness.

Phil Christie, Consultant Child Psychologist and author of "Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome. A Guide for Parents, Teachers and Other Professionals

"A must for anyone living with, or supporting a young person with PDA" (including professionals)

Young person with PDA - Surprisingly easy and fun to do. Not much pressure from the book. Really well written and explained. A lot of the information and explanations matched my ideas of PDA and how it affects me. The boxes made it easy for me to express how my PDA affects me. I already understand my PDA very well, but I think this book would really help those who don't yet understand their PDA very well. It is also extremely helpful to show this book to someone else for them to understand me better. Parent - Me and My PDA contains everything needed for the young person and their support team to begin developing a robust 'individually tailored' framework of strategies. With beautiful illustrations and carefully worded text, which share the experiences of other young people - accompanied by further suggestions and ideas for contemplation, the young person can feel safe to explore their own difficulties, confusions, worries and fears. The book provides a warm, inviting and non judgemental space where the young person is invited to share key information about themselves via the easy to follow worksheets. In a nutshell, this book may just be the golden ticket in facilitating the young person to support us, so that we can better support them.

Jane Sherwin

"Five star product"

Beautiful book explaining to the child with pda about the condition with lovely pictures and almost like a passport book of the child's needs, likes and dislikes for people who care for the child to read and know about the child.


"Very PDA friendly and a real eye-opener"

So cleverly written. My little PDA-er was intrigued and wanted to get started straight away.



A delightful and positive book with great clinical utility. I love the illustrations and how client centred the book is. I would definitely recommend this to families, young people and professionals alike!

Amazon Customer

"Beautiful pictures and very helpful for getting some understanding of PDA & autism!"

Lovely to see a book written with the young person's perspective in mind. It has a positive tone where so many books on this subject can feel negative. Illustrations were beautiful and we loved the doodle pages!

Lucy Anderson


Amazing. Written from a position of knowledge and authority but yet also accessible to all. Helpful for clinicians, parents, teachers and children/you people. Extremely helpful in my clinical practice. Dr. DMac. Child Psychologist.

David McKie


Me and my PDA

Read this lovely review done by a 7 year old girl with PDA:

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